Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Last-Ditch Push For Kreider

"He's definitely interested . . . We're all just waiting."
The Chair of the Christian County Democratic Central Committee tells The Notebook that he's written a letter to Governor-elect Jay Nixon's transition team recommending Former House Speaker Jim Kreider to become the next head of the state Department of Agriculture.
"He's definitely interested," says Christian County Democratic Chair Dick Wilson. Asked about Kreider's chances, Wilson replied, "We have no clue. We're just all waiting here ourselves."
Says he last spoke to Kreider about a week ago. "He asked if I knew anything, and I asked if he knew anything. We're all waiting."
Asked about potential Senate opposition to a Kreider nomination, Wilson replied: "The only person in the Senate who would be his enemy is the guy who beat him back in 2002. If (Senator) Dan Clemens wants to take a chance and hold a grudge so that Southwest Missouri can't have the top man in the state at agriculture, then what is he saying to Southwest Missouri farmers?"
Christian County Democrat David Stokely also said "it's my understanding he's being considered." Stokely is just one of several Democrats who have written The Notebook since this post first mentioned Kreider's candidacy for the Ag post. "People remember Jim fondly," says Stokely. He's really our only shining example that a Democrat can be elected in Christian County."
Kreider has not returned repeated calls for comment.

With just six days until his Inauguration, Nixon has filled half of his Cabinet.
So far he's appointed designees to five slots.
Appointments yet to be made include: Director of Agriculture, Director of Health & Senior Services, Director of Insurance, Director of Natural Resources, Director of Public Safety.

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David J. Thomas said...

It is with pride and honor that I support former Missouri House Speaker, James Kreider, for the office of Missouri Director of Agriculture. I have known and worked with Jim for many years. He comes from a farming background, is highly educated, knows how to administer a statewide office and shares our incoming governor's common sense approach to state government. Jim is a champion of cutting taxes, improving education, looking out for our seniors and supporting our state's vital agricultural economy. As House Speaker, he has sponsored the most comprehensive farm legislation in the country. Further, Jim is very straight forward making no mystery of where he stands on the issues. All of these qualities, too numerous to be mentioned here, make Jim an excellent choice for this office. Our state will be well served by having him as our state's Director of Agriculture.


David J. Thomas
Springfield, MO