Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kinder, Nixon Recognize Ice Storm

Noticeably, there were no mentions during the State of the State festivities Tuesday night, but on Wednesday both Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and Governor Jay Nixon recognized the thousands that remain without power in the southern most parts of Missouri.
"Over past 24 hours, many towns and communities across the southern portion of our state have been crippled by devastating winter weather. These storms have resulted in mass power outages, transportation problems and the need to open warming shelters in many towns. From speaking with local government officials, it appears that Scott and Stoddard Counties have been some of the hardest hit in our state. A short time ago, I sent a letter to Gov. Nixon asking him to declare a state of emergency for the regions hit hardest by this storm. At this hour, it is apparent that these towns need our help. During this crisis, we must respond quickly with the full resources of the State Emergency Management Agency and the Missouri National Guard."
"Several cities in southeast Missouri are without power, and members of the Guard will help ensure that crucial service providers such as hospitals, nursing homes and water treatment facilities are able to function,” Gov. Nixon said. “I commend the men and women of the Missouri National Guard for always being at the ready to help their fellow Missourians."

Guard soldiers will be supporting locals in southern and southeast Missouri. It isn't clear if any Guard troops are in southwest Missouri, but thousands of residents in Barry, Stone and Taney counties remain without power.
The winter storm event has received blanket coverage on KY3 newscasts, as well as other southwest Missouri T.V. stations.

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