Wednesday, January 28, 2009

B.J. Marsh Considering The 7th

Former Springfield State House member B.J. Marsh says he'll look at a run for Congress if Roy Blunt opts for a U.S. Senate run.
"I'm going to take a look at it. I have so many customers from my travel business from Joplin to Carthage to all over this area, I think my name I.D. would be pretty good," Marsh told The Notebook Wednesday.
Marsh had previously been eyeing a possible run for the #30th District State Senate seat, and even flirted with an independent candidacy. He said that's still on the table, but that Sen. Kit Bond's announcement changes his options, and will most likely open up the 7th Congressional District.
"I'm not a very cocky person," Marsh said. "But you just got to look at name I.D. I was raised in the Greenfield, Miller area, ran around in Joplin for awhile. Almost half of my customers come from Joplin and Mt. Vernon. I have probably between 6 and 8 thousand customers there."
When asked about a potential rival candidacy of Sen. Gary Nodler, Marsh said: "I think the candidate that comes out of the east is going to win because of the large population. Now if you get 2 people from here, then Nodler probably gets it."
Also mentions he's heard Sen. Jack Goodman is seriously considering a run, but continued to emphasize the name identification advantage he would bring to the race.
Asked about his weaknesses, Marsh replied: Age. He's 68 and has battled health problems. "My age would probably be a negative, even though it shouldn't be. I really don't think my health is an issue, David. Doctors have given me a clear run. You never know at my age, but my health is controlled with a Pacemaker. I don't have a heart problem. It's controlled."
Marsh also said he's waiting to hear if there might be an opportunity for him in the Nixon administration doing something in economic development or tourism. "There's a possibility. I was asked if there was anything I might be interested in, and I might be. If it's something I like doing, I might not run for anything."
On Nixon's job so far: "I sure think he's doing a good job. He's keeping his promises and following through with what he campaigned on. There seems to be a lot more bipartisanship up there than I've seen in a long time, even among Republicans. I think we need that and I really think he's going to do good."

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