Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blunt Doesn't Buy Goode's Estimate

The Govenor's Office says it doesn't necessarily agree with $340 Million Dollar budget shortfall projected by Gov-elect Jay Nixon's top budget adviser.
BUT A spokesperson also says Goode's findings show Governor Blunt was right to protect the surplus.
"Senator Goode's analysis means that those who wanted to spend the surplus were wrong and Governor Blunt was right to preserve it for future situations like this," said Blunt spokesperson Jessica Robinson.
The Associated Press reports: Blunt's budget office confirmed the figures released Tuesday by Nixon's transition team.
BUT, Robinson's phone call to The Notebook seems to contradict that.
"We don't necessarily agree with the shortfall number," Robinson said. "The shortfall number does not account for a number of factors that would diminish its size."
Robinson says those factors are:
  • The Nixon number assumes funding all supplemental requirements. Robinson says that's not likely.
  • The Nixon number assumes the federal government stimulus will be a significant cost to states. Robinson says Blunt believes the federal package will have a positive impact.
  • The Nixon number doesn't account for "lapsed funds," or money not spent. Robinson says that number is around $150 million dollars right now. "We had $290 million lapsed dollars last year," she added.

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