Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gov. Blunt Pardons 2 Turkeys

Gov. Matt Blunt announces he's pardoning 2 Missouri turkeys in anticipation of Thanksgiving this year because the contest between Turkulese & Stewie is too close to call.
More than 4.5 million votes were cast in the competition, and the Governor says the close contest warrants this special action.
"Missourians are used to close elections, and apparently that also goes for this year’s contest to name the lucky turkey which is still too close to call," Gov. Blunt said in a statement. "With the ballots still being counted, and Turkulese and Stewie locked in an unexpectedly tight race, I have decided to pardon two turkeys this year and save both Stewie and Turkulese from ending up on a dinner plate."

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