Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Decision '08: 2 Hours Til Closing Time

Mood at Nixon HQ in St. Louis is very upbeat.

Former Chief Justice Ronnie White says heavy turnout bodes well for Jay Nixon. White says he'll be looking at St. Louis County first. St. Louis county went for Kerry 54%-45%; McCaskill carried it against Blunt 55%-44%. Dems feel if Nixon can hit 59% to 60% in this county, he can produce a big margin over Kenny Hulshof.

Lines in St. Louis are long. There are reports of a 6 hour wait in Velda City, Mo.

Asked what would surprise him tonight, Former Gov. Roger Wilson tells KY3 News, "if Barack Obama wins Missouri" or wins it by a couple of points.

Another note: It may take awhile to get results, not necessarily because a state is close, but because people will still be in line long after 7 p.m. after the polls close. And results can't be reported when people are still in line waiting to vote.

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