Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zweifel Ad Zaps Lager

But Lager Sacks Zweifel With "Big Government Charge"


"While I can't make all your problems disappear, I can do something about this guy."

Democratic candidate for State Treasurer Clint Zweifel zaps his Republican opponent --- literally --- in a new ad on Southwest Missouri television right now. Zweifel's ad hits Brad Lager for supporting the 2005 Medicaid cuts and voting to raid "our student loan program," also known as MOHELA.

In a recent interview with KY3 News, we addressed the issue of MOHELA with Lager. He defended his vote as a State Senator, saying that MOHELA still meets it's fundamental mission.

"As the Democrats typically do, they scream and yell and the world's going to come to an end . . . and it hasn't," Lager said to us.


Lager also said Zweifel lacks "real-world" budget experience and has a history of "bigger government is always better."


So is Lager a Matt Blunt Republican a Kenny Hulshof Republican or a Sarah Steelman Republican? Click ABOVE to find out.

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