Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wooten Explains Support For Nixon


Republican Chuck Wooten explains to KY3 News what lead to his decision to support Democrat Jay Nixon over Republican Kenny Hulshof in the race for Governor. The former 5-term state representative from the 137th legislative district says Nixon's willingness to help him pursue veterans issues sealed the deal. Wooten says he attempted to reach out to the Hulshof campaign, but never heard back. "Tried to call his people and had no luck," Wooten says of attempted contacts with Team Hulshof.


Wooten says he believes there's a lot of Republicans crossing over to support Nixon because of how the Republican establishment got involved in the primary race. "Lots of Republicans feel that the state committee should not have gotten involved in the primary," Wooten says. "It's made lots of Sarah Steelman people mad, that they're switching over to Jay Nixon."


ALSO SAYS, Nixon can work both sides of the aisle, and believes the Attorney General has a shot at winning Greene County.


Wooten attended a campaign even with Nixon Wednesday in Springfield.


missouri21 said...

Chuck Wooten is a great guy and no doubt sincere in his endorsement of Jay Nixon. But he and Jay never served in the House together.

Jay was elected to the Senate in 1986 and never served in the House. Chuck and Jay may have worked together as fellow legislators but never a fellow state representatives

ripper said...

Who cares what this old racist believes this guy is a relic of the old racist past here in Springfield listen to his show its a racist spew of hillbilly ignorance please go away.