Thursday, October 16, 2008

Substance Or Stunt?

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder called for a Special Legislative Session Thursday to be held after the general election to approve funds for the Low-Income Heating Assistance Program.
Kinder says its a top concern of seniors that needs to be addressed before the temperatures drop: "This special session can provide assistance to Missourians before the high energy costs of the winter set in."
BUT DEMOCRATS view it as a political stunt: "With his call for a lame-duck session, Peter Kinder is simply trying to score political points just before an election,” said House Minority Leader Paul LeVota, D-Independence. “If Kinder was truly committed to helping low-income and elderly Missourians, he would have supported Democratic legislation to increase Utilicare funding that passed the House this year but was eliminated by the Senate, of which he is the presiding officer."
LEVOTA ADDS: "Voters next month will elect a new governor, new lawmakers and perhaps even a new lieutenant governor,” LeVota said. “Important policy decisions should be made by our incoming elected officials, not those heading out the door, especially when a lame-duck session would impose extra and unnecessary costs on taxpayers."
BUT KINDER INSISTS: "While our efforts each year have been genuine, they have fallen short in providing help when it is truly needed. Providing this money to low-income Missourians in February is beneficial, but with energy costs as they are, it is too late to have the effect that is needed."

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