Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Put Her On The Field?

The KY3 Political Notebook has learned that Republican officials are considering moving Sarah Palin's rally Friday to Hammons Field -- Sources close to the delicate negotiations say that the Cardinals organization has been contacted about the move. The big concern? Weather. Temperatures could be in the 40s and there's a possibility of rain. Might be too big of a risk.

UPDATED: @ 4:38 P.M. A separate top G.O.P. local says Team McCain-Palin is looking for other options -- either a larger site or another appearance by Palin. "I know they got pricing at Hammons, but Hammons is probably out because of the weather," says this separate source. "MSU only has McDonald because they have work to do at JQ to get ready for the Eagles, and can't stop the work. We're hopeful we have another option so we can accommodate more people," she says. "It's literally in the works right now."

Kirk Elmquist of the Springfield Cardinals tells The Notebook, "we have no confirmation of that here." "That's all I can tell you now," Elmquist says.


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