Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kinder vs. Page on Tour De Missouri

The candidates for Lieutenant Governor squabble over Missouri's big bike race, the economic impact and what means the state should take to fund it.

Peter Kinder cites the races as an example of his bipartisan work . . . "What I'm being attacked on is a great unifying event for the state."

Sam Page said the race was "mismanaged," and criticized Kinder for "raiding" an economic development fund to help pay for it. "The Lieutenant Governor was responsible for the sponsorships, and he fell short . . . If he can get $350,000 in campaign contributions from one company, then he should be able to find the other $350,000 for sponsorships."

ALSO: Page questions the projected $30 million dollar economic impact

THE A.P. has more on the state-funded analysis


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