Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hulshof Challenges Nixon on Numbers

Republican Kenny Hulshof challenges his Democratic opponent on what his agenda would cost Missouri taxpayers.
"The people of Missouri deserve to know the price tag that comes with a Nixon Administration," said Scott Baker, spokesman for Hulshof. "If he believes our numbers to be inaccurate, he should provide his own estimates. The fact is he cannot and will not, because he knows Missouri cannot afford his plans. It is time for Jay Nixon to finally come clean with Missourians."
Nixon's proposed plan to restore the 2005 Medicaid cuts is calculated to cost $265 million dollars. His A+ scholarship expansion is estimated to cost $61 million. Hulshof's campaign says Nixon still hasn't detailed specific costs for expanding early childhood education, increased teacher pay, job training programs, providing incentives for alternative fuels and other proposals he's promised.
Nixon toured a green supermarket and store in Springfield Wednesday. During the campaign stop, he did not outline a specific plan to create incentives for more businesses to "go green."

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