Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flip It, And Reverse It

Democratic Candidate Calls Bill "Dangerous"
Wants Kinder To Find Child Advocate Who Supported That Bill
Earlier, Kinder Called On Page To Defend His "No" Vote in 2003

The Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Sam Page is asking Peter Kinder to defend his support of a 2003 foster care bill that many child advocates opposed.
"I challenge Lt. Gov. Kinder to find a reputable child care advocate who thought the 2003 foster care bill was good for children," Page said Wednesday.
The Kinder campaign chose not to directly to respond to Page's challenge. Spokesperson Paul Sloca offered this reply to the Notebook's request: "Before Sam Page issues childish challenges like this, he should first prove that the Tour of Missouri didn’t bring in nearly $50 million to the state the last two years and then should prove that he did not vote for the $100 million tax credit bill he is attacking Peter Kinder for supporting."
Over the past week, Kinder has been putting pressure on Page to explain his vote. Page responded with a web video and statements by child care advocates saying he did the right thing by voting "No" on House Bill 679 . Now, Page is attempting to turn the tables.
"I can't imagine why Lt. Gov. Kinder would favor legislation making it more difficult for the state to investigate cases of physical and sexual misconduct against a child," Page said. "Voters have a right to know why their lieutenant governor would support such dangerous legislation."

Wednesday, the Page campaign said their candidate voted the following year to correct the legislation in House Bill 1453. That bill required background checks, but did not include provisions "making it more difficult to investigate and prosecute child abusers," according to the campaign.

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