Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Could Blunt Be Out As Whip?

Politico reports that insiders expect Rep. Roy Blunt to step aside from his Whip Post next month if Republicans suffer losses in the House, as expected.
The story also reports that Blunt could be key to Minority Leader John Boehner's survival.
"Boehner and Blunt were able to save their jobs after the 2006 election because the rank and file blamed President Bush and their predecessors, such as former Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, for the losses that cost them control of the House," reports Politico. "This time around, members say, Boehner and Blunt won’t be able to escape the blame. "Members are furious after this bailout debacle," one lawmaker said. But he cautioned that the incumbent Republicans who were "willing to run" against Boehner and Blunt "are not well-positioned to win. ... So we’re trying to decide if we’re pissed off enough at Cantor and Putnam."
Still: Don't Count Blunt out: "If Boehner shares a trait with his No. 2, Blunt," writes Politico. "It’s the ability to survive."

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