Friday, October 03, 2008

The 135th: Hagan Says Denison Refuses To Debate

. . . "I don't go to bashes."
The Democratic candidate for House in Springfield's #135th legislative district is calling on Rep. Charlie Denison to accept a debate invitation at Glendale High School.
But Denison, a Republican, said that he doesn't plan to accept the debate because the high school is not in his district.
Democrat Nancy Hagan said she was contacted by Mike Snodgrass to participate in an October 15th debate at Glendale High School. "I think that these forums are not only helpful in assisting voters in making their decision, but also allow our young people a chance to participate in the democratic process. This goes against Denison's stated interest in educating our young people," she said.
"That's not in our district," Denison said in an interview with the KY3 Political Notebook. "I've already got something else planned. I didn't need to be there when I need to do other things in my district."
Hagan said she's disappointed that Denison would spend his time doing other "political activities" rather than "discussing the issues important to the voters of the 135th district." "Perhaps that is what Charlie really meant (in a recent profile on KSMU) when he said that he wanted to keep his constituents at arm's length," Hagan said.
Denison also said he wouldn't participate in the Glendale debate because "it's a set-up deal." "I've been to one of these before, it was involving the same teacher, and it was all bash the Republicans. I don't go to bashes," Denison said, referring to the 2006 Senate debate held between Doug Harpool and Sen. Norma Champion.
Hagan said Denison doesn't want to debate because of several "questionable votes" on issues. "Charlie has made several poor choices during his time in the legislature," Hagan said. "Whether it was voting for the Village Law without bothering to read the bill, or cutting health care -- he demonstrated that he lacks the initiative and intellectual curiosity necessary for the job."
When asked if Denison would consider agreeing to debate held in his district, he replied, "I'd give it some thought."

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