Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One-on-One with Jay

Our interview with Democratic nominee for Governor Jay Nixon on trade with China, healthcare, bipartisanship and Sarah Steelman's so-called endorsement.
In his speech to Springfield's Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, Attorney General Nixon said he would look for "dramatic" efficiencies to trim state government. In this first clip, I ask him to name specific areas he'd target.

Nixon promised a new era of bipartisanship, if elected. He pledged to sit down with each member of the state legislature personally to ask them about their priorities. I asked him if these overtures about working with Republicans meant he'd be willing to compromise on his most controversial proposal -- his healthcare plan.

Earlier Tuesday, Sarah Steelman released a statement that some are viewing as an endorsement of Kenny Hulshof. I'm reluctant to call it that. It read in part, "I look forward to supporting Senator McCain, Governor Palin, Congressman Kenny Hulshof and other Missouri Republicans on the issues that are going to make a difference to every Missouri family." She's supporting Hulshof on "issues." The release doesn't include a headline about an endorsement of the campaign, nor does it ever even use the word endorsement. The News-Leader's Chad Livengood seemed to have to prod the words out of her, and she dodged giving a reason about why her supporters should sign on with Hulshof. (I know what you're thinking . . . ENOUGH already!) In this third clip, I had to ask Nixon what he thought about Steelman's statement.

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