Thursday, September 04, 2008

Former Romney Backer Says She's "More Excited About McCain"



St. Louis County Delegate Barbara Cooper is a longtime member of Missouri's G.O.P. faithful. She was the first Missouri delegate to grab her seat for final night of the Convention.

ST. PAUL -- On February 5th, St. Louis County Republican Barbara Cooper voted for Mitt Romney in the Missouri presidential primary.

If there was a picture of Missouri's "G.O.P. base" in the dictionary, you might see a photo of Cooper. But she's now fully behind John McCain's candidacy, and the vice presidential selection of Gov. Sarah Palin has certainly gotten her more energized about the ticket.

"I think she has created a new energy within the party, because I think that the fact that Senator McCain had the courage to choose a woman, has just really, not only energized our party, but will energize, independents, Obama supporters, because she's not just a woman, she's a mother, she's a hockey mom, she's a professional and she represents mainstream America," Cooper said.

Cooper said she's not supportive of Palin because she's perceived as a maverick, but rather she admires her straight talk. "I like her because she speaks the truth," Cooper said, referring to Palin's reference to helping children with disabilities. "I think she's a good person and I think she will honor everything that she says. You don't hear a lot of false promises with her."

Cooper, who supported Kenny Hulshof in the Republican primary for Governor, said it's fair to make some comparisons with Palin and unsuccessful G.O.P. candidate for Governor Sarah Steelman. "Sarah was perceived also as a maverick, that she came up against her own party. I think there may be some discussion about that. It did cross my mind also," Cooper said.

On Hulshof's chances against Jay Nixon, Cooper is predictably optimistic, but concedes the battle with be uphill. "The biggest difference will be that Kenny is more fiscally responsible. We need to live within our means and balance the budget, but not break the budget," she said.

Cooper said she's not worried that there's more enthusiasm about Palin than G.O.P. nominee John McCain. When asked if she's as excited about McCain as she would've been about Romney. Cooper replied, "Oh, I'm more excited about McCain."

"For a time such as this, with the issues that are facing America, my number one concern . . . is the safety and national security of our country," Cooper said. While she casted her ballot for Romney, Cooper now says, "I do not think there could not have been anyone else chosen that could truly represent the American people."

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