Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blunt: It's Still Fundamentally McCain vs. Obama

Missouri's Governor Says He Was "Surprised, But Not Shocked" About The Palin Pick
ST. PAUL -- Gov. Matt Blunt said that he was surprised by John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee, but believes that ultimately the 2008 race for president will come down to the two men at the top of the ticket.

When asked if be believed the Alaska Governor was more qualified to be president than former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Blunt replied that he obviously thinks the world of Romney. "I think he would've been a great selection. I think a number of Governors out there would've been a great selection," Blunt replied.

Blunt endorsed Romney prior to Missouri's February 5th primary, which John McCain went on to win.

"John McCain made a surprising decision, but one that I think is really beginning to make a lot of sense to the American people," Blunt said in an interview at the Xcel Center with the KY3 Political Notebook. "As I've thought about it and see the energy that's really created and the excitement that exists around her candidacy, it makes a lot of sense," he said.

Still, Blunt said that the Palin selection would alter the overall fundamentals of the race "a little." "The race primarily remains between John McCain, who has experience we need and the sort of character we need to win the global war on terror. Historically, these races are between the two candidates for president," he said.

But Blunt did add, "Now I do think people will factor in, and look at the biggest decision they made as they prepared to perhaps take the presidency."

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Craig said...

Savvy comments by Blunt. It's going to be an extremely interesting race, and his support of McCain will be crucial if the Senator wants to win MO (which he pretty much has to). Blunt's high approval ratings will undoubtedly aid the McCain/Palin ticket in keeping MO red.