Friday, September 12, 2008


Latest Missouri Poll Puts McCain Up By A Nickel
McCain 51%, Obama 46%
700 Missouri voters polled on Sept. 11th, Margin of Error 4%


Shak El said...

Warning about the McCain mailings offering to help you vote absentee. They are bogus. They are being sent to Democractic only voters across the country. Most don't have the correct county clerk address on them so you think your going to get one in the mail and you never do until its too late. Google for more info.

CharityAngel said...

I think that they should have polled more voters then that to get a more scientific result. I think that they need to add the option of voting for the third party candidates so that they can really see what people are thinking of doing. I don't think the race is as close as that, at least not in SW Missouri. Those that voted for Sarah are not going to vote for Hulshof or Nixon, some may stay home, which is sad, they could send a louder message by voting third party then staying home. I am sure that Hulshof will still get many straight ticket voters, but not this one. I am no longer a straight ticket Republican voter, I have awoken and researched, so I will never again vote for anything that is no in alignment with my principles. I don't care who you try to scare me with.