Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Econ and RGA


In this first clip, Hulshof questions whether Jay Nixon is opposed to every initiative by Gov. Matt Blunt, including the Quality Jobs Act. He also talks about "workforce challenges" in response to a question about the rough economic climate, adding that there's a "glaring need" for better workforce training in Missouri.

In the second clip, Hulshof says he doesn't believe a "set policy" has lead to Missouri's job loss over the last year. He notes that Chrysler decided to stay longer in the state than intended because of the economic climate. He also continues to paint Jay Nixon as a creature of the past, saying "we don't want to go back to those days."

In the third clip, Hulshof cites his business credibility over his opponent. As detailed in our reporting Wednesday, Hulshof supported a 2002 roads tax initiative. So, we asked him why he wouldn't support a similar tax hike now to aid the looming financial crisis in transportation?


As I wrap up my interview, Hulshof seems primed to talk about the Republican Governors Association's support for his campaign. He makes clear he expects to continue to see their resources through the end. He also attempts to wipe away any perception that this won't be a close race.

ALSO THURSDAY: Hulshof wins the endorsement of the NFIB, National Federation of Independent Businesses. Said Brad Jones, of Missouri's chapter: "Kenny Hulshof understands the challenges facing small business owners and his commitment to solving them resonates with Missouri’s entrepreneurs and family-run companies."

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Big Muddy said...

Quality Jobs was developed by the Dept of Economic Development while Holden was still governor. Had Claire been elected, the same program would have been put in place.

So I doubt Nixon opposes it.