Thursday, August 21, 2008

NEA Endorses Koster for A.G.

"Our campaign remains confident that we are on the path to victory in November . . ."
The Missouri National Education Association endorsed Senator Chris Koster for Attorney General Thursday.
"As Attorney General, I will be a fierce advocate for Missouri’s public education system," Koster said. "Our shared purpose is that our teachers have the resources they need to teach, and our children learn in an environment that is conducive to their diverse needs given the changing world in which we live. I am honored by MNEA’s support and look forward to a productive partnership," he said.
Missouri NEA recommends candidates who work to strengthen public education, maximize students learning, ensure our children’s health and safety and respect public school employees,” said MNEA President Chris Guinther. "We look forward to working with Attorney General Koster to benefit our children, their public schools and their future," said Missouri NEA President Chris Guinther.
The Missouri National Education Association represents over 34,000 teachers and education professionals in Missouri’s public education system.
Koster also issued this statement in response to the certification of the election results:
"Our campaign welcomes the certification of the results of the primary election. We are confident that the election was administered fairly, and appreciate the competence and timeliness with which the certification was handled. Our thanks go out to the many county clerks and election officials who worked so hard to make this such a well-run election. It is out belief that they and Secretary of State Carnahan got the results right. As we’ve said before, it is within Representative Donnelly’s rights to verify the election's results. If she chooses to do so, we look forward to having the results verified quickly. Our campaign remains confident that we are on the path to victory in November, and will continue to make the affirmative argument that there is only one candidate for Attorney General with the law enforcement experience required to be Missouri’s next chief law enforcement officer," said Koster.

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Guy Roth said...

Strong advocate of public education...what a joke. I forget, who is one of this snake's top 5 investors? I believe he is a strong advocate of ending public education. All I can say is that I realize the NEA had to do this but I am still disappointed by this move. I'm sure Mike Gibbons will be a stronger advocate for public schools than this other who is pro/against something depending upon where the wind is blowing on any given day...