Monday, August 18, 2008

Hulshof's Responds to Nixon's "Big Oil" Ad


In new 30-second spot, Kenny Hulshof responds to Jay Nixon's criticism about his votes for "big oil" -- though the Congressman never addresses the specific votes in question or even the issue. As he did in his primary campaign responses, Hulshof looks directly in the camera in front of an agricultural backdrop. He claims while Nixon "says we should take our state backward, other folks want to keep things the same as they are now." Is this the beginning of a separation from Gov. Matt Blunt? Who are these "other folks?"


Key words include: "new direction, bipartisan approach, new vision & change."



"Congressman Hulshof says he wants to take the state in a new direction, but the facts and his record speak otherwise," said Zac Wright, spokesperson for the Missouri Democratic Party. "Congressman Hulshof has been part of the problem in Washington, and now he’s back in Missouri embracing the same failed policies that have crippled our state’s economy. That’s not a new direction, that’s the same failed course."

"In February, Congressman Hulshof had an important vote that allowed him to make a clear choice: give billions to the big oil companies, or invest that money in alternative fuels like wind, solar and cellulosic ethanol," said Nixon spokesperson Oren Shur. "Not surprisingly, the Congressman sided with the big oil companies. Like Congressman Hulshof, Jay Nixon supports additional drilling and exploration for oil. But unlike Congressman Hulshof, Jay Nixon knows we don’t need to give billions away to big oil companies when they’re making record profits and Missourians are paying record prices at the pump."

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