Friday, August 01, 2008

Donnelly Plans Springfield Stop Saturday

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Margaret Donnelly will campaign at Springs Park and the Ozark Empire Fair Saturday
She plans to be in Springfield from 3:30 to 6 p.m.
Her itinerary begins at the Park Day Reunion Silver at Springs Park on 1119 North National at 3:30 p.m. She will then canvass a neighborhood with Springfield Rep. Sara Lampe and finally stop at the Greene County Democratic Booth at the Ozark Empire Fair.


Tony said...

She is good but why does she keep imitating everything Jeff is doing. He does the web ads then she does the web ads. The only thing Donnelly can do is to cause Koster to win the election. Harris is leading in the polls but if Donnelly takes enough votes away, Koster can win.

Clark said...

Jeff Harris did not invent web ads or bus tours.

In a three way race, what you say is true. It is equally true that Harris can take away enough votes from Donnelly (the more likely scenario), allowing Koster to squeak out a win.

Harris supporters should rethink their support and switch to Donnelly.

Guy Roth said...

come on. switching to donnelly would only help koster and/or gibbons win! he did not invent web ads nor did he invent bus tours. however, he did do them before and better than Donnelly. Harris is running a great campaign that picks up momentum every day. I am confident that if he gets his picture taken tomorrow eating eggs, Donnelly will have a similar picture less than 24 hours later. However he did not invent the camera, eating eggs, or eating with voters. It just so happens that Donnelly would do the same thing.


save democrats from Koster and vote for Jeff Harris who will be the best AG this state has ever had!