Friday, August 22, 2008

AP: What Happened To Blunt on Pork?

The news wire pens a piece asking what happened to the G.O.P's war on spending?
The piece cites Rep. Roy Blunt extensively:
"The appetite for home state earmarks among Republicans — including some party leaders — is almost as great as ever, despite warnings from some conservatives that GOP lawmakers' refusal to give up their earmarks is costing support among core constituencies."
"For example, Roy Blunt, the Missouri lawmaker who's the No. 2 Republican in the House, last February was touting the GOP's "desire for change (on earmarks) and our commitment to get it done."
"Last month, Blunt claimed credit for a host of projects, including $500,000 for an energy efficient roof on a local courthouse and a $1 million renewable energy research grant for a community college, saying the "funding will send your tax dollars back to be used in your neighborhood — where it belongs."
"All told, Blunt obtained about $10 million for his southwest Missouri district from the handful of bills revealed by the Appropriations panel, which doles out the largess. More are certainly on the way once bills funding the Pentagon and its many contractors, transportation projects and economic development grants are approved."

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