Monday, July 14, 2008

Zweifel Goes First


In they come . . .

Brace for lots of numbers shooting your way over the next 24-hours. It's moneyball time . . . a completely insider-dog-and pony show that meant to flex political and financial muscle.

State Rep. Clint Zweifel, a Democratic candidate for Treasurer, is the first statewide horse out of the gate. Which, being a numbers guy, probably isn't shocking.

Zweifel reports raising $233,444 between April 1 and June 30th, also known as the 2nd quarter. That's a total of $393,836 for his primary campaign. The most important number right now: He has $281,980 dollars on hand to spend going forward.

"Democrats are responding to our message of fiscal competence and using the state treasurer's office to voice our values on the issues of the day," Zweifel said. "In just four months we have raised upwards of $400,000 from 609 contributors."

The Zweifel campaign claims that during Q2, 42 percent of contributions came from people giving under $100.

Springfield contributions include $500 from Sam Hanra, $20 from Planned Parenthood coordinator Kellie Freeman Rohrbaugh, $100 from Bobbie Lurie, $100 from Teamsters 245 representative Jim Kabell, $50 from Pro-Vote's Kay Mills, $25 from Greene County Sheriff candidate Mike Ramon, $250 from the Law office of Kris Barefield.

Zweifel also netted big contributions from the followingcommittees/groups: $1,350 from 2005 Historic Credit Investors, $1,350 from 2005 Historic Credit Investors I, $1,350 from 2004 Historic Credit Investors, $10,300 from the 135th Democratic committee and $13,000 from the 7th Congressional District.

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