Friday, July 18, 2008

Nixon Tries Again on E-mails

BLUNT CAMP: You'll Lose Again
Attorney General Jay Nixon is asking state judge to name a special assistant attorney general to pursue a lawsuit against the governor over e-mail records. The lawsuit was filed by Mel Fisher, one of three investigators selected by Nixon to look into allegations that the governor's office violated the Sunshine Law by deleting e-mails. The suit seeks backup e-mail records at no cost.
"Jay Nixon has already lost once with the dismissal of the lawsuit filed by his political operatives," said Blunt spokesperson Jessica Robinson. "The fact that neither Jay Nixon nor his political appointee Mr. Fisher are willing to file anything themselves suggests they understand the likelihood of losing a second time," she added in a statement Friday.
Last week, Cole County Judge Richard Callahan dismissed the suit but gave Nixon's investigators 10 days to amend it. Callahan had suggested that Nixon be made a party in the lawsuit, that the attorney general's office request the court appoint a special assistant attorney general to pursue the suit or that Fisher explain how he personally was harmed.
"Jay Nixon’s political operatives not only lost once, but the lawsuit that was dismissed accuses the governor of actions he did not take, it accuses the governor of actions that even if true would not be a violation of the law and it accuses the governor of actions that did not occur. If anyone attempts to raise these issues again we will make all of these arguments for yet another dismissal," Robinson said.

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