Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Missouri G.O.P. Sunshines Page

BLUNT's Robinson: "Rep. Page does not understand the law, and does not know the facts."
Democrats, you've been put on notice.
Mouth off about a Republican's e-mail or Sunshine policies, and you'll get slapped with an open records request yourself.
Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder initially blew off a call by Democratic rival Sam Page Wednesday to "release back-up e-mails" from the Blunt administration.
Kinder spokesman Gary McElyea said, "We're not going to respond to political rhetoric. The lieutenant governor takes his role as acting governor as a serious matter. When the governor is out of the country, matters of state come first."
But just hours later, the Missouri Republican Party took things into its own hands, issuing a Sunshine Request of Sam Page, Kinder's likely Democratic opponent this fall. The entire request can be read here

"Representative Page has been grandstanding on the issue of the Sunshine Law and it’s time for him to demonstrate to Missourians where he really stands," said MoGOP spokesperson Tina Hervey. "I suspect that Representative Page is in the same camp as many of his Democrat colleagues in that he talks about the Sunshine Law but doesn’t understand it and, like Jay Nixon, we suspect he and his staff are deleting e-mails."

"If Democrats are going to politicize the Sunshine Law, they ought to have the integrity to have their actions match their words. We call on Representative Page to not hide behind any interpretation regarding whether House members are subject to the Sunshine Law. This is a simple request that should be responded to quickly and accurately. Representative Page should also come clean with the press and the public about whether his office is destroying emails," responded Hervey.
Then, Blunt spokesperson Jessica Robinson weighed in to respond to Page's accusation. "We have never denied access to any e-mail unless it is protected by law," Robinson wrote in an e-mail to the KY3 Political Notebook.

"We follow the Sunshine law. In fact, we have gone beyond it. Rep. Page does not understand the law and does not know the facts. Representative Page and his colleagues are not saving e-mails. They need to join in the permanent system. The charge that we are withholding e-mails is false and needs to be treated as such," Robinson added.

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