Monday, July 14, 2008

Kinder Camp to Page: Your Not Worthy

A spokesperson for Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder said that Rep. Sam Page's challenge on a federal Medicare bill does not warrant a response.

Earlier Monday, Page, the Democratic candidate for Governor, asked Kinder to reveal his position on a Medicare bill that would cut physician pay rates. Congress overwhelmingly passed it; the President is promising a veto.

Kinder campaign spokesperson Paul Sloca responded by listing Kinder's efforts to help seniors.

"Among other things, the lieutenant governor has led the effort to direct more funding to help educate Missourians about the program and to provide additional outreach efforts to assist our seniors; he has led the effort to help Missourians compare the cost of their prescription drugs on the web; he was a leading voice in rewriting safety regulations and operating rules for Assisted Living homes in Missouri; and he worked with the Area Agencies on Aging to increase funding for the Home-Delivered Meals program," said Sloca.

"With that kind of record, the lieutenant governor does not feel it necessary to respond to Sam Page’s cheap political attacks which are nothing more than transparent attempts to mask his complete lack of leadership and experience on seniors’ issues," Sloca added.

An e-mail to Sloca with a specific question about whether Kinder supports the Medicare bill was not returned.

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