Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jeff Harris Meets The Press


The Democratic candidate for Attorney General calls for banning robo-calls by political campaigns but won't rule out using them himself during this campaign


Harris details why he's been so tough on rival Sen. Chris Koster, who switched parties last summer. He calls his disagreement with Koster "philosophical," not personal. Harris then lists his differences on the Photo I.D. bill, local control of CAFOs and the Medicaid cuts. "There wasn't a single Democrat in the House under my leadership who voted for those cuts. If we can't stand up against the Medicaid cuts, then shame on us," Harris said.

In addition, Harris won't touch rival Rep. Margaret Donnelly. When asked about differences with her, he quickly points to experience and leadership, but steers clear of specifics.


When asked about fundraising and polls, Harris doesn't put too much stock in either. He makes it clear he is aiming to play well in southwest Missouri, because he's been here, and he'll be back.


Harris was focused and forceful. While visibly a bit road-weary when he arrived, he quickly proved he was ready for a fight and armed with answers. He gets points just for just showing up to an area that's been mostly overlooked by the candidates for Attorney General. Neither Donnelly nor Koster have held similar press availabilities here yet, and Harris did indeed lay out a host of specifics. Southwest Missouri may not have a real impact on this primary, but if it does, Harris looks to have an edge down in the Ozarks.


IndepenDem said...

For someone who looks like a Boy Scout, he should know that the American flag always goes stage left. On the right hand shoulder of the speaker.

moLTgov said...

Mike Carter, leading candidate for Democratic spot of Lieutenant Governor, started the MISSOURI POLITICAL DO NOT CALL LIST at

Shaun Dakin of the NATIONAL POLITICAL DO NOT CONTACT REGISTRY said the following --

Political calls can't be stopped unless voters say that they will not vote for candidates that continue to invade our privacy. Mike Carter, candidate for Lt. Gov in MO, has pledged not to robo call voters that sign up for his Political Do Not Call list on his website. To my knowledge, as the CEO of the National Political Do Not Contact Registry (, he is the only candidate to create his own do not call list. Shaun Dakin -