Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pow! Wham! Zing!

In Reponse to Earlier Volley over Hulshof's Missed Votes
Sarah Steelman's campaign for Governor said a charge by Kenny Hulshof's campaign that the State Treasurer's employees "skirted the law" is patently false.
Steelman's spokesperson Spence Jackson is responding to a Hulshof campaign response over an earlier Steelman charge that Hulshof's missed Congressional votes should raise questions about his fitness for office. (Stay with me.)
Hulshof's camp said the Steelman criticism was only to distract voters from the "ongoing controversy over ethical misconduct in the Treasurer’s office." Hulshof spokesperson Scott Baker accused Steelman's employees of skirting the law. He was referring to a state auditor's report that criticized Steelman's deputy Treasurer, Doug Gaston, for improperly reporting his vacation time this winter while working for Steelman's gubernatorial campaign.
Jackson pointed to a Springfield News-Leader article by Chad Livengood that quoted Auditor Susan Montee saying Gaston did not break the law.
"Montee is not saying Gaston broke a law or owes the state for any time, because he ultimately used up his own vacation time," wrote Livengood in his May 29th article.
"Their insinuation that anyone "skirted the law" is patently false and they know it," said Jackson. "Congressman Hulshof is understandably upset because it's been revealed that he has real problem showing up for work. He needs to let Missourians know if he is a typical Washington politician or if he is going to repay them for the time he's been absent from work," Jackson added.

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