Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gibbons' First Release Targets Gay Marriage

Following Gov. Matt Blunt and Congressman Kenny Hulshof's lead, Republican Attorney General Candidate Mike Gibbons is now challenging the Democratic attorney general candidates to tell the people of Missouri where they stand on an effort to challenge a California court’s decision to allow same-sex marriages.

The issue might be moot now that California's top court rejected an appeal to stay its decision. But it still shows that Republicans at all levels are ready to use the gay marriage issue in what looks to be a tough year for the party.

“I am challenging all the Democrat attorney general candidates to publicly support Missouri’s decision to fight the California Supreme Court’s ruling that allows same-sex marriage. I am extremely disappointed that the California court rejected the request for a stay,” Gibbons said, in what looks to be the first press release of his campaign for Attorney General. “I have fought to protect the sanctity of marriage through law and the constitutional amendment overwhelmingly passed by Missourians in 2004, I believe it is important for the Democrat candidates to tell the people where they stand on this very important issue.”

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