Saturday, May 24, 2008

Springfield Is The Worst

Or at least one of the worst . . . places to raise a family that is, according to a magazine most people haven't ever heard of called "Best Life."

Yes, Springfield is used to its step-daughter status in the state of Missouri. Like the middle child between St. Louis and Kansas City, we're a bit paranoid, sensitive and often aiming to prove our worthiness.

But even for an East Coast guy like me, this survey seems a bit out of line. It's easy to pick on the little guy, but just as the politicos have found out . . . we may be taken for granted or shunned aside, but we're tough, gritty and the chip on our shoulder helps us . . . FIGHT BACK.

Watch HERE.

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CNEIL said...

My guess is that this study is the result of some guy getting on the internet and plugging numbers into a spreadsheet that he created.

According to these results, your child would be better off in downtown St. Louis than Springfield, Mo.

I've posted a few comments about this subject on my blog.