Friday, May 16, 2008

Donnelly Hits Koster For Filibuster


Rep. Margaret Donnelly is blasting Attorney General rival Sen. Chris Koster for his filibuster of the "Village Law" repeal in the Senate early this morning.

The legislation included the repeal of the law that allows one property owner to deem their land a village as well as tougher restrictions on sex shops and pornography. The filibuster eventually ended.

"It is outrageous that in the final days of session Senator Koster has made it a priority to filibuster a bill in order to help his friend Speaker Jetton. The repeal of the village law provision is essential to protecting the wishes of neighboring citizens from projects such as gaming or CAFOs. He must also be against putting regulations on sex shops, since his filibuster resulted in that portion being stripped from the bill. Although the repeal of the village law finally occurred, without the emergency clause it will be the "Wild West" for developers from now until August."I expect more from a candidate for Attorney General. He should be ashamed," said Donnelly in a statement.

"This shows once again that Koster values his special interests and Republican friends over the best interests of all Missourians," she added.

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