Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Young Dem Delegates To Denver

While the presidential nominee of their party is still unknown, 11 Young Democrats of Missouri are sure that they will be heading to Denver this summer to serve as pledged delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

"This is the year of the young voter," said Sam Hodge, the National Political Director for the College Democrats of America and a pledged delegate for Clinton from the 9th Congressional District. "Young people have become a potent political force across the state by organizing events, canvassing and volunteering for democratic candidates. We ran to be pledged delegates because we believed in the Democratic Party's message. We've become more involved and more invested in the outcome."
Matt Adler, a senior at Washington University and a pledged delegate for Obama, said in a press release, "We deserve a voice in the democratic party. We've come out in record numbers in Missouri and across the country to support democratic candidates. Young people want and deserve a voice in the process."
Stephen Eisele will be the Young Democratic delegate from the 7th Congressional District.

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