Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blunt Slaps Nixon Again on Sunshine

Governor Matt Blunt is threatening Attorney General Jay Nixon with a lawsuit if he doesn't comply with a Sunshine request issued to his office.

The Blunt administration made the request for e-mails and documents from Nixon's office on March 12, and on Tuesday it again ratcheted up its threat of legal action.

The governor’s office says its request for e-mails and back-up tapes remains largely unfulfilled. "Additionally, the Attorney General’s office has failed to provide documents related to Nixon’s e-mail retention policies prior to August 2007. The governor’s office has sent another letter to Nixon’s office in the hope that he will comply with the Sunshine Law," reads the Blunt release.

“We are very disappointed that Jay Nixon has failed to fully respond to our request, especially given all the sound and fury that has been coming from his office on the subject of e-mail and the Sunshine Law,” said the governor’s Chief of Staff Trish Vincent. “It is becoming increasingly apparent based on Jay Nixon’s response that he likes to shine the light on everyone else, but slams his door shut when anyone tries to shine the light on what is happening in his office. This office has issued limited and straightforward requests for public records and we expect Jay Nixon to produce these records promptly and without delay," added Vincent.

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