Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"They Are Threatening To Burn The House Down"

Rep. Roy Blunt said a plan by Congressional Democrats to bypass several committees and use several unique procedural maneuvers to deal with $170 billion dollars in war funding is unfair and unrealistic.

CQ Politics has the dizzying details.

Basically, Democrats are looking to separate votes on war and domestic spending -- and then combine them later. Blunt said it's "too cute by half."

"I think they’re doing it partly because they are afraid their ideas won’t stand the test of competing ideas,’’ Blunt said. “They are threatening to burn the House down.”

If Democrats were successful in using this strategy to get the supplemental bill to the president, Bush would surely veto it, and Republicans would sustain the veto, Blunt said. That would force Congress to take up the bill again in June.

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