Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spence Back in The Saddle

"He did not have to be convinced."

Former Blunt administration communications czar Spence Jackson has joined Sarah Steelman's campaign for Governor as its top spokesperson.

Jackson will replace Doug Gaston, who will return to his duties in the Treasurer's office, after receiving criticism for juggling political and government duties.

The 37-year-old Springfield native has lots of experience in the spin zone (that's a compliment, right?). It's not widely known that one of Jackson's first political experiences was volunteering for David Steelman's campaign for Attorney General. Jackson went on to become Sen. Kit Bond's field director in 1998, and he helped Matt Blunt become Secretary of State in 2000 and Governor in 2004. Steelman's release notes, "In the 2000 election, Jackson was stationed in St. Louis and also oversaw a successful field effort that helped Blunt become the only statewide Republican candidate to win St. Louis County."

"We called him on Monday, he took it Tuesday. He did not have to be convinced," said a Springfield Steelman fundraiser with close ties to the campaign. "The guy's the best in the state for press. He was number one on everybody's draft board," he added.

When asked if Jackson is a Blunt Republican or a Steelman Republican, the Steelman backer replied, "I wouldn't say he's one or the other. He's a winner is what he is."

Jackson will officially leave his post at the Missouri Department of Economic Development to take on this campaign role.

He begins Thursday.

And that's great, because we have questions. . .

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