Thursday, April 24, 2008

Steelman Nabs Fmr. Blunt Operative

Sarah Steelman’s campaign for Governor announced today it has added a new advisor to its team who did political work for Governor Matt Blunt.

James Harris has signed on with Steelman.

Steelman’s campaign praised Harris’s success as a campaign operative and grassroots strategist saying Harris would “bring the kind of knowledge, experience and strategic contacts that will help Sarah Steelman get her message to hard working Missourians all across the state.”

“Treasurer Steelman is ideally positioned to continue Governor Blunt’s legacy of job creation, respect for life and traditional marriage, and a commitment to main street values. She is a dedicated social conservative who understands that strong families are the backbone of Missouri as well as a strong fiscal conservative who believes in economic freedom as the foundation of prosperity. Sarah will do more than any other candidate in the field to unite Missourians from all backgrounds and regions of the state. We are entering a challenging time for our economy, and will be in great need of leaders who will live by Alexander Hamilton’s maxim that ‘power over a man's subsistence amounts to a power over his will.’ I am confident Treasurer Steelman will ensure taxes on Missourians stay low because she recognizes that important financial decisions should be made by our families and not by bureaucrats in Jefferson City.'" Harris said in a statement.

The Steelman campaign cited Harris’s experience winning contentious primaries and his experience as one of Governor Matt Blunt’s top campaign operative as reasons for bringing Harris to the team. According to campaign spokesperson Doug Gaston, “James did a tremendous job of turning out voters for Matt Blunt in 2004, and had put together an impressive operation for Blunt’s re-election campaign. We look forward to his leadership.”

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