Monday, April 14, 2008

Simckes: "I Am A Supporter of Equal Opportunity"


In an e-mail to the KY3 Political Notebook Monday, Democratic candidate for Treasurer Andria Simckes said that she is a supporter of "the right to equal opportunity for all."

It's still unclear whether Simckes supports the Civil Rights Initiative, an issue that was thrown into the spotlight by rival Rep. Clint Zweifel earlier Monday.

Because we were unable to connect by phone, I sent Simckes the following two questions:

1) Do you support the Civil Rights Initiative? At the gathering last week, it appeared in answering a question about it, you replied, "I am a supporter." I'd just like to clarify that.

Simckes replied via e-mail: "The correct response is that I am a supporter of the right to equal opportunity for all Americans."

2) Also, on the endorsement comment. Do you still believe that Sen. McCaskill and John Temporiti are privately supporting you? And do you believe you received their endorsement?

Via e-mail, Simckes wrote, "I am in a contested primary. There are four qualified Democrats running for Missouri State Treasurer. Sen. McCaskill and John Temporiti can not endorse any candidate in contested primaries."

So does that solve any of it?

I'll let you be the judge.

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