Wednesday, April 23, 2008

McCaskill Won't Ever Tell Clinton To Drop Out

McCaskill To KY3: "I think there's a lot of superdelegates . . .
who don't want to say who they're for."
ON MSNBC TODAY: "There will be controversies about the Clintons that will also be an issue in November."

Sen. Claire McCaskill refused to say under what circumstance Hillary Clinton should get out of the presidential race, but added that despite her win, the math remains unforgiving.

"Somebody needs to explain how the math works," McCaskill told KY3 News.

Missouri's junior senator was again on the front of the battlelines the day after, appearing on MSNBC mid-day Wednesday.

"Those superdelegates are paying very close attention and they know a couple of things. They know that Barack Obama's candidacy has excited a whole new generation of voters for our party. They know that Barack Obama has competed under the rules in every state for every delegate, and is winning and will win the pledged delegates. And frankly, to take this away from a candidate under those circumstances would be a brazen move for a party that cherishes the fact that we want everyone to participate," McCaskill said.

"It was always her state, we narrowed the gap, there were no independent voters that were allowed to vote yesterday, and that's one of Barack Obama's strengths," McCaskill added.

On what happens if Clinton takes the popular vote: "I'm not sure that Senator Clinton can come out ahead in popular votes, especially if we're counting the states that played by the rules, as opposed to states that knowingly violated the rules in the way they held primaries," McCaskill said.

On the possibility of Obama going negative: "It's a very difficult decision . . . People do need to remember there will be controversies about the Clintons that will also be an issue in November."

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