Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Considerable, Sizable, Defendable

Senator Hillary Clinton's victory in Pennsylvania Tuesday night was sizable and significant enough to continue her campaign at least another two weeks.

However you slice it or spin it, this was a very good night for the scrappy Senator from New York. Putting it plainly, Obama got clobbered and there it's reason enough to question whether the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination has a problem attracting working class white men within the core of the country.

I spoke to Senator Claire McCaskill following the Obama loss to ask her whether Democrats should be concerned about her candidate's ability to win important states. I pressed her on the electability issue. Could it be that Clinton is more electable than Obama in blue-collar working class states? Will Republican nominee John McCain be able to snatch up some of these Clinton voters if Obama is the nominee. Watch part 2 of the exchange above.


Betty B. said...

Thank you for asking these pointed questions to Senator McCaskill. The press has been far to lenient in questioning Obama's ability to win. He has won only the tiny state of Vermont since Feb 20 with 3 electoral votes, while Hillary has won Texas, Ohio, RI and now PA with a potential 70 electoral votes. His wins in states that the Democrats will not win in November actually mean very little. If he cannot unify the rank and file Democratic voter, he will not win.

Bloggerhead said...

Betty, When are ou going to realize that his nomination is inevitable? Hillary needed to win PA and every state thereafter by 20% or more and gain more than a 50/50 split in supers to win it. That seems very impossible now. I don't know why the media isnt reposrting on how impossible it is for her to pull this off.

The Dem party will be unified in August behind Obama and against McCain. Don't worry.