Thursday, March 13, 2008

Viebrock: Success Not Measured in Bills Passed

Rep. Jim Viebrock of the #134th legislative district said a lawmaker's success in Jefferson City is not measured by the number of bills signed but in the daily situations he or she is able to weather.

Viebrock made his comments in his weekly report to constituents. "Many legislators will spend an entire career in the Capitol and pass nothing of any great significance," Viebrock writes.
"For me, the small things that I do for the folks back home is what makes this job worth while."

Looking back at his legislative record, Viebrock detailed what he viewed are his accomplishments. Those include sitting on the committee that drafted tort reform, holding the line on spending in the Agriculture, DNR and Conservation Appropriations Committee as vice chairman, "forcing the city of Springfield" to come to the table and repair the police and fire pension problem.

Rep. Viebrock has field for another term this year. Mark Stuppy of Brookline Station is challenging Viebrock for his seat.

"And I have stood firm against my own leadership when I felt we were making poor decisions," Viebrock said.

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