Thursday, March 13, 2008

Conservative Heritage Hearts Claire on Earmarks

The conservative Heritage Foundation think-tank is praising Sen. Claire McCaskill for signing on to a one-year earmark moratorium.

"Her brave stand against pet projects doesn’t sit well with her party’s leadership," writes Heritage.

Still, the group called her floor speech "eloquent," for her criticism of the earmarking process. You can watch her floor speech HERE.

Here's an excerpt from it:

"If you look at the numbers in terms of, for example, the minority members of the House of Representatives that represent primarily African-American districts, it is, frankly, hard to explain why they get less in earmarking money than even the Republican members of the House. Why is that? Many of them are in politically safe seats. In other words, what happens around here is sometimes you get more money if everybody thinks you need to be able to spend more money because that will help you get reelected."

"Well, that's a goofy way to spend public money. It's not the way we should be spending public money. Many of these projects that are funded are great projects. Many of them I support. But the
distribution is not done on merit."

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