Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Study: Missouri Could Lose $240M in Medicaid Money This Year

In a new report, the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) warns that proposed changes to the federal Medicaid program would have a staggering impact on the state's health care program for the poor and disabled.

MFH, a St-Louis based nonprofit that aims to write grants, says the cuts proposed by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid will reduce federal funding to Missouri by approximately $1.4 billion over the next five years.

Essentially, that means cuts to more Medicaid services. The proposed changes includes reductions in payments to public and teaching hospitals as well as "restrictions in payments for services used by the disabled and children."

In 2008 alone, the report estimates, $240 million in federal Medicaid payments could be lost.

“At a point when policymakers in Jefferson City are struggling to find ways to extend health coverage to Missourians who lack it, these proposed federal changes will make it extremely difficult for the state just to maintain current Medicaid services and very unlikely that any new initiatives to reduce the increasing number of uninsured Missourians could even be considered,” said Ryan Barker of MHF.

The full fact sheet can be viewed on the MFH website at


gblogger said...

MFH is staffed and run by some of the most partisan ultra librals in the state of Missouri. James Kimmey's mission in life is to defeat Republicans. No idea not proposed by a Democrat will ever be given a hearing by him. And, he and MFH will NEVER propose any solutions that do not include a government take over of all aspects of the health care system and the subsequent massive tax increases that will be required. Socialism has failed but MFH continues to promote it. Don't fall for their "non-partisan, non-profit scam." The organization is a radical political organization.

Brian T. Johnson said...

Does this mean Missouri will lose $240M or that we will get a whole bunch of new money, but just $240 less new money than we would've under a different plan or without the federal changes? Wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter.

Also, the first commenter is correct. MFH is a partisan group with close ties to Nixon. The DEMS will do anything to keep the Medicaid issue front and center for campaign reasons this year, and this report may be an attempt to do just that.