Friday, March 14, 2008

Of Seniors and Soldiers

Legislation that would allow combat veterans who served after September 11th to go to college at a cheaper rate has been approved by the state Senate and is now being discussed in the House.

Sen. Frank Barnitz said Senate Bill 830, would allow post 9-11 soldiers to take classes at state higher education facilities in Missouri for $50 a credit hour.

Sen. Jack Goodman of Mt. Vernon announced that two of his legislative priorities are moving forward. One is SB 767, a "measure that offers relief to Missouri’s overextended public defender system", according to Goodman's office. The Judiciary Committee approved this bill last week, and is now moving to the full Senate.

Also, a measure that would increase the amount of money seniors can have in nursing homes has cleared the Seniors, Families and Public Health Committee. Goodman calls SB 990, a modest but important bill. It increases from $30 to $50 the amount of money seniors living in nursing homes and receiving benefits can have on hand. The Senate will hear the bill next.

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