Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kill Bill

Sen. Clemens: Ag bill grew to "Barry-Bonds like proportions"
State Sen. Dan Clemens said he will try to kill his own legislation intended to benefit farmers because additions by his colleagues ballooned to "Barry-Bond like proportions."
Clemens is referring to Senate Bill 898, which received first-round approval from the Senate Wednesday. He said the idea was to put together tax exemptions for farm fencing, agriculture- related fuel and other items at a cost of about $500,000.
Then, Clemens said, his colleagues got out of control.
"While I attempted to stand strong to the original intentions of the bill, many other senators lined up with their Christmas wish lists of projects big and small and by the end of two days of debate, my little bill had ballooned to Barry Bonds-like proportions — and to more than an estimated $5 million in costs — a ten-fold jump," Clemens said in message to constituents Thursday.

"While some of the amended ideas were worthy of consideration, I have to stay true to my conservative roots by killing my own bill," he added.
Clemens said he would try to find other ways to achieve the original goals of his bill, and will do everything in his power as Agriculture Committee Chair to stop the legislation from becoming law.

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