Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hulshof Accepts KYTV Debate

This is what happens when you're out covering flooding all day . . .

You get beat breaking news about your own debate.

U.S. Congressman Kenny Hulshof has accepted an invitation to debate Sarah Steelman at KY3 this summer. Hulshof and Steelman are vying for the Republican nomination for Governor.

KYTV, the Springfield News-Leader, Ozarks Public Television and KSMU radio extended an invitation for a primetime debate sometime this July. The request went out about a week ago.

“Open debates are a fundamental tool in our political system. They provide one of the best ways for voters to gain an understanding of each candidate’s values and priorities,” Hulshof said in a statement. “I look forward to debating the issues that matter most to Missourians.”

Hulshof also expressed his hope that there would be multiple debates in the coming months. “It’s important that Missourians across the state have plenty of opportunities to hear from each candidate. The unfiltered give-and-take in a debate will go a long way in helping Missourians cast informed ballots in August.”

According to Jason Rosenbaum's reporting, Steelman has also accepted our debate.

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