Monday, March 17, 2008

Harris: Ban Spam

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Jeff Harris is sponsoring legislation to help "can Spam."

The kind of spam that ends up in your e-mail inbox, that is.

Spam emails represent more than 45 percent of all emails sent, accounting for 14.5 billion email messages sent every day, according to Rep. Harris. Harris also claims that Spam costs corporations more than $20 billion dollars annually.

“Spam is an irritant, but it’s also costing Missouri consumers and businesses real dollars,” Harris said. “As Missouri’s next Attorney General, I will work to protect our state’s taxpayers by cracking down on Spam and by working with law enforcement in Missouri and across the country to find new solutions to protect Missourians’ ability to use the Internet," he said in a release.

Harris’ proposal is based on a Virginia law,

It's House Bill 2372.


Tony said...

This is another good proposal from Jeff. He is really laying out a detailed agenda for what he is going to do when he is attorney general.

Guy Roth said...

I'm glad to see that someone, like Jeff Harris, has the savvy to handle these tech related issues. This is a much needed bill.

Jack said...

Koster puts forth real legislation to stop methamphetamine use in our schools and our community and he stands up to support stem cell research. Harris, on the other hand, wants to focus his attention on spam emails.

Lets put Koster in the AG's office. Jeff, you might want to send your resume to Microsoft or Norton Antivirus.