Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flashy Lights


1. A survey of eight 20-something single white males found that seven would choose Obama for president over McCain. But if Hillary gets the nomination, those same seven would switch to McCain in the general.

2. Vegas cabbies like to gab about politics. And they're not fans of the limo industry.

3. In the second round of the NCAA tournament, almost always bet against Duke.

4. Many young people who like Obama, really can't articulate precisely why.

5. The Bush Tragedy, by Slate editor Jacob Weisberg is a fascinating page turner that delves into the psychology of George W. Bush and his complicated relationship with his father that framed much of his presidency.

6. America (and the press) always roots for a good underdog, whether its Hillary Clinton (now) against Barack Obama or Belmont versus Duke.

So, what I miss?

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