Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Emerson: With Fidel Out, Review Cuba Policy

With the resignation of Fidel Castro as Cuban president, Rep. Jo Ann Emerson is among 104 U.S. House members calling for a fresh look at the United States' economic policy towards Cuba.

A complete review of U.S. policy is in order" in light of Cuban's new leadership, Emerson and other House members recently told Secretary of State Condolezza Rice in a letter.

"Our policy leaves us without influence at this critical moment and this serves neither the U.S. national interest nor average Cubans, the intended beneficiaries of our policies," the members said. A complete review "would send useful signal to the Cuban people that we intend to engage with their government in new and positive ways and also provide a new hearing for U.S. policy in many places around the region.

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